The Guidance Center Services Inc 501 (c) 3

EMPOWERING  FAMILIES                                                                                  WITH PREVENTION EDUCATION

Summer Wellness 2018

Open to all Suffolk County Residents


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                      The Guidance Center

                                                  Lead Agency for Southold Town                                                                           Communities That Care                                                                                              664-9886    

                   The Guidance Center Services Inc 501 (c) 3 has as it's mission to                                   strengthen families with Prevention Education to improve the well being                         of people of all ages within the community through collaboration                                     utilizing innovative and effective programs that enable everyone to learn,                                                             to work, and to thrive.   

PARENTING - Counselor is certified in evidenced based strategies, parents will gain skills and knowledge for successful parenting.

FINANCIAL - Support and referrals for mortgage modifications, loans, mortgage grants,  bankruptcy, school and educational loans and grants.

MARITAL -  Couple counseling and individual counseling, flexible schedule

MENTAL HEALTH - Assistance in sources for treatment, education, housing and on going care.

LIFE COACHING - Guidance is available to support successful life choices

ELDER CARE - Finding resources making referrals and advocating for the client

GRIEF COUNSELING -  Caring and assistance in this difficult time.




The Guidance Center is the lead agency for The Southold Town Communities That Care (CTC) a coalition of local government, schools, law enforcement, businesses, media, treatment facilities, secular and non secular groups, seniors and youth.

Monthly meetings are held discussing safe guards that can be put in place to keep our youth from underage drinking and to keep our community drug free. Southold Town CTC and The Guidance Center have a goal to reduce substance abuse in Southold Town.

Programs include:

Summer WellnessFor youth 8-14 years old youth enjoy a day from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. which includes evidence based prevention.

Lions Quest prevention education is utilized offering youth skills in establishing healthy boundaries, refusal skills, healthy socialization, communication, self esteem building and community awareness.


Teen Events- Occur through out the year offering teens the latest up to date prevention materials, hand outs and videos. Teen Events are held throughout the community and Suffolk County.  Head Start in Southold hosts Teen Dances. 

*Programs are open to all Suffolk County Youth.



The Guidance Center Services Inc. 




"Advocating" - Volunteers are available to advocate for you!

Volunteers are available ADVOCATING:

  •  To help you to speak for yourself, or speak on your behalf.
  • To help you make a complaint about the service that you have, or have not received as it pertains to your well being.
  •   To help you put your feelings and views across about decisions that     are being made about your life. 
  •   Volunteers who work with the Guidance Center can give you     information and advice about your rights and any worries you have         as well as help you to become educated regarding the choices in your   life, supporting you to do what is best for you.      



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 Serving the Five East End Towns & Lead Agency for                        Southold Town Communities That Care